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I've been having an irritation on the under side of my jaw . Right side between jawbone and neck hurts worse if I push on it what could it be?


If by irritation you mean persistent pain in the jaw accompanied by inflamation, it may be 'temporomandibular joint disorder' a term that covers a group of painful conditions that effect the muscles, (mandibular) bones and the (temperomandibular) joint of the jaw. It can effect any/all of the components of the jaw and often requires cross-disciplinary (i.e., neuro-, ortho-, dental) medical treatment to resolve.

Or, if you are around 18 yrs. old, you may be cutting a wisdom tooth. Or it could be an infected lymph node.

All of these possibilities can be serious but -- if you don't want or can't afford to seek medical assessment, try to narrow it down: gently palpate (press on) the neck and try to narrow the source of pain to a point and seek obvious swelling. Press gently on the gums, upper and lower. Relax the jaw and gently apply lateral (side-to-side) stress. THE EMPHASIS IN ALL OF THESE  TECHNIQUES IS TO APPLY MINIMAL PRESSURE. You don't want to cause additional damage.

If worse comes to worse, you can always use Mitt Romney's health plan: the emergency room.