I have had Mitral Valve Prolapse since I was 11.
Yearly it has been checked and monitored.

3 years ago I had an Echo done that showed :

Mild Mitral Valve Prolapse with Trace Regurgitation
Trace Pulmonic Regurgitation
Trace Tricuspid Regurgitation
Evidence of a Intra Atrial Septal Aneurysm.

I had a NEW echo done last week and it says :

Mild Mitral Valve Prolapse with Trace Regurgitation and Wall Thickening
Trace Pulmonic Regurgitation
Moderate Tricuspid Regurgitation
No evidence of Septal Aneurysm

Note that the changes are BOLD PRINTED

My biggest concern is how fast the Tricuspid Regurgitation progressed form TRACE to MODERATE in just 3 years and WHY?

They wanted to do the new Echo seeing I hadn't had one in a few years and because I was having alot of palpitations as well as my neck veins protrude sometimes and my neck feels full or under pressure. But after these results came back no one seemed to concerned, and I have no Health Insurance so the Cardiologist I was suppose to be referred to claims " I'm not taking new patients." I know it's just because I'm not insured and not worth his time.

So can anyone enlighten me about this change I have with the Tricuspid Valve? Is it dangerous? Should I be worried?