Hi my names Kat n I'm 21 (5'6"), I am on a medication called respirdone and it’s a mood stabilizer/anti-psychotic. I'm on a very low dose of 1.5mg now but since being on it over 4 years it has increased my appetite and caused me to stack on a load of weight, around 30kg over 4 years to be precise. And although the side effect of the increased appetite is pretty much under control now, I'm ready and quite determine to get the weight off, I currently weigh 90kg and my goal is 60kg or at least in the 60's... Does anyone know of some appetite suppresses that are not too expensive and don't have a load of caffeine in them? My weight is mainly around my hips, thighs, stomach and upper arms (which are starting to tone) does anyone have suggestions on weight exercises etc?

And one last thing, I was told by a professional that this medication called metformin could possibly help improve my insulin levels and assist in losing some weight, but I also heard some bad things about it as they are for diabetics, are they an option for me? 8-|