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Hi, I am 13 years old.  Do I need to lose weight? I weigh 136 and i am 5'6. I have a little belly and really big thieghs. I am about the same size as most people in my grade except the really small people. What kind of diet should I go on?? What is the heathiest thing to eat? Please help me I'm tired of my brother downing me and telling me im FAT.. :-( Please help me. Thanks.. :-D


The average weight for 13 years old and 5.6ft person is 130-145lbs. Your weight is in average range. If you feel, you are fat, you can lose weight around 10lbs by following these tips.

•Make sure your major intake should be fruits and vegetables.

•Eat breakfast of complete carbohydrates and protein to set up your metabolism for the day.

•Between meals snacking is a good habit.

•Stay away from fatty foods and simple sugars.

•Your Intake must not contain more than 1700 calories per day.