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I was curious to know about the medication called metformin.  It is for diabetics to help their bodies secrete more insulin. But I heard that patients may also lose weight on it. Yes!  It's true!  I am a type 2 diabetic and I weigh about 260  and I think this medication would be great to have.  I need to lose a bit of weight and this medication can help me two ways -- help me lose weight and lower my blood sugars.  Has anyone else been on this medication and lost a lot of weight?  I hope to lose at least 50 pounds so that I can see my blood sugars go down better.  Maybe I don't have to watch my carbs so closely either. 


Metformin is the medication of choice for diabetics that are unable to control their hyperglycemia by diet and exercise alone.  I have heard that diabetics have a tendency to lose weight with taking metformin, which makes it additionally beneficial for blood glucose control.  There are diabetics that I know who have lost between 10 - 30 pounds on metformin.  You probably won’t lose 50 pounds or more just by taking metformin.  You will still need to watch your carb intake and exercise for the best benefit of losing weight and ultimately controlling your blood sugars.  You will not be able to go back to eating whatever you want without the consequences of your pancreas becoming dysfunctional in the future.  You can put off diabetes by losing weight but it will eventually come back, sooner if you eat refined carbohydrates in large quantities and do not exercise. If your doctor thinks you need metformin, it will be prescribed to you.  It won’t be prescribed solely for you to lose weight.