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Yeah, I keep losing weight and I think it's weird because I am not doing anything to lose it.  I was kinda wondering if it was because of my diabetes?  I think it might be but I don't know.  Has any other diabetics out there lost weight?  I am on Metformin right now, just started it 2 months ago since the doctor didn't like my blood sugar A1c readings.  Maybe it's this medication doing it?   Thanks


You could be losing weight for a variety of reasons.  One is that you have changed your eating habits.  Eating more vegetables will provide meals with less calories so you may just be losing weight from consuming fewer calories than usual.  This is the best way to lose weight, by the way.  You are getting the nutrients you need through eating vegetables and also you will never go hungry because of the fiber they provide and the fact that you can eat much more of them!  Another reason you may be losing weight is that it is a side effect of Metformin.  It may be helping you with appetite suppression and using up the glucose in your body much more efficiently, in turn, you are losing weight.  It doesn't sounds like you are experiencing any other symptoms that indicate that you are ill.  I think you should embrace the fact that whatever you are doing, it is working as far as weight loss goes.  Have you found that your blood sugar has improved?  Usually BG levels go down as a person loses weight.  That is a big bonus as well!  Is there others out there that have lost weight as the result of going on a diabetic meal plan or Metformin?  If you haven't, what do you think may contribute to not losing the weight?  Has the Metformin been effective in your managing diabetes and losing weight?