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Hey, i'm 15 and for a very long time now i've had this sort of red inflamed lump at the very bottom of my penis. I've tried using tea-tree oil and i've kept it clean by washing every day, however it will not go away. In the past, i've just let it stay there thinking that it will go away. However it clearly isn't and i'm starting to grow up now. Meaning that becoming Sexually active is on my mind.

I know I shoudln't have, but I have squeezed it a lot and sometimes this yellow stringy pus comes out and this has led me to believe that it is just a spot. However, I had a mild-ish sort of case of acne on my face and i've been to the doctor about it and i was prescribed some anti-biotics and they have had a very good effect on my facial spots. However, there has been no change down below. 

I would be very keen to have a sort of home remedy but if needs be, i'll will have a very awkward conversation with my parents and maybe go to see the doctor again. Please help me someone! I'm desperate! I've done lots of research and found lots of things that it could be, but I want a definitive answer to my question so that I cano actually move on with my life. The older i'm getting, the more stressed i'm becoming!


Hi EF,

It is likely a sebaceous cyst, an oil gland.  They are very commonly found on the penis as the skin is so thin.  It's like a jumbo zit.  Don't try to pop it, leave it alone.  It may/may not go away on its own.  

See your doctor if it continues.