Hi there, I had a Crainotomy done on the 26/07/2012 at Queens Hospital, Romford, Essex, ENGLAND for a benign front lobal brain tumor measuring 4.5cm. The operation took 7 hours then I was in Intensive Care for a few hours and then into the High Dependency Unit for 24 hours and then onto a ward.  I was up walking around the ward and felt fine apart from the tiredness and very emotional. Once at home i just couldnt sleep and was waking every 2 hours and couldnt keep still, was cleaning and generally being active to the dismay of my mum whom was looking after me. I should take things easy a day at a time as have been signed off by my surgeon for 2 months.  My recovery is going well, but did have slight numbness in my left had and numbness in my left buttock but seems to have subsided now.  I still have a runny nose, sometimes clear, sometimes bloody, but i find this if I over do things.  Iv got my check-up in a few weeks for a scan, just to check if alls ok.  Im not that worried as havnt had a seizure since surgery (apart from one the day after surgery) and am taking 500mg of Carbamazepine daily.  Iv never been epileptic, it was the sweliing around the tumor that was causing this so hope to be off this medication soon.  I do get forgetfull at times and cant remember words in conversation or where I put things, but this will hopefully sort itself out.  The top of my head is completly numb also, feels strange, but again, hopefully will sort itself out also.  So to all those that are scared, just like I was, be brave and get that monster out, hopefully your life will be better, just as mine is (feels like a black cloud has been lifted and feel much calmer).  If u want to gat back to me, il reply. Good luck to you all xxxxxx