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My mother 50 years old and having meningioma tumor about  2.4 cms in size at anterior fossa in brain.

we are planning to go for surgery, so please suggest me , person who had a surgery, recovered and back to normal.

if so please let me know in bangalore/best hospital (working place) , who is best doctor and hospital to take care of my mother(she is very very great mother to me and am afraid of to take her to surgery).

we have met Dr. Alok Ranjan(from Apollo, Hyderbad) and doctor said, go for surgery ASAP but am working in Bangalore where i can take care of my mother.

please kindly let me know best doctor in bangalore.


My husband and I found out that I have three { beign } omas" they are still giving problems.   I am epileptic, low-blood sugar, anemic, free bleeder and on prescribed epileptic drugs only so many -- when I had surgery on my thyriod in Aug. 2011. I had to have a private nurse; incase anything went wrong, I in semi-coma for four days, I.V.drip of morphine for the pain and seizures. Around the house I do almost EVERYTHING!!he in a wheelchair, we have no kids, and I SO concerned about him!  Not me !! Him!!  Our family doesn"t care! Mine are dead,or live a far disatant.
The doctor { neruosurgeon } said they we were in opertable, he said they were in a place he would not EVEN attempt .The recovery would be least at 6mo. to a year!  I already getting haedaches , balance is off , stumbling, dizzy.  To show you how dedicated he is to me .  He stayed up at the hospital with NO sleep sitting in that chair getting back spasms .  When I get new major medical insurance again if ever, I try for another opoion, I know ther is something nero-surgeon can do.!  If I have a bad seizure hit just one of the "omas just right I could bleed on the brain or hemorrage, then I would be in pickle!!!!!!!!