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Hi everyone. I have a doctor visit scheduled soon. Im 27 year old male, no history of diabeties. One night about 2 weeks ago i started feeling some numbness and tingling in my feet and fingers, i probably got nervous and panicked, started to feel warm, couldnt speak, and i went to the ER to make sure it wasnt anything serious like a blood clot. the ER just saw me for about an hour and told me it was nothing, just probably anxiety. diagnosis was peripheral neuropathy with hyperventilation, i went to the doc week later, symptoms are still there. i have dry mouth, headeache, constant light numbness tingling sensations in the tips of my fingers almost 24 hours a day for the past 2 weeks. One second it might feel like its going away, an hour later it seems more tingly, then my feet will start to be tingly, then 30 minutes later it might lessen a bit. then 30 minutes later my hands and arms will start to feel warm, temperature changes, back to cold. its really strange and has me worried, and i been really tired lately.

anyway i explained it to the doctor and he said it was just anxiety, but he didnt run any tests, he gave me some pills, been takin them for a week but i see no change, in fact, im starting to get worse now for the simple fact that its not helping im starting to worry it could be something worse. sometimes i could be just sitting there talking wit someone and all of a sudden i will have a hard time talking, like i am having a seizure or something. i have an appointment soon because im gona tell my doc the meds arent working, but just in the meantime does anyone have any ideas of what it could be? im not overweight or anything, and he ruled out diabities. Does this sound like a possible tumor, epilepsy, or maybe the onset of multiple sclerosis? thanks so much


Based on your symptoms, I'd try to see a neurologist since the other doctors have not effectively been able to treat these symptoms.

Because you describe a seizure type of experience, my first suggestion would be to try seeing a neurologist first. This, at least, can cover any concerns regarding epilepsy, MS, and the like. If that doesn't help, then next step would be another specialist.

The word seizure alone would indicate some form of epilepsy. And some of the other things you describe could relate to MS among other things surely. But I think that a neurologist may give you better insight & provide you with assistance in managing control of the symptoms. Good luck!