Hi everyone,

Would like to share with you my nightmare experienced last week. My mom diagnosed with BRAIN TUMOR, SUBFRONTAL PROB MENINGIOMA golf sized ball already in her front lobe through MRA. She just having a terrible headaches last 4 days. We rushed her in the hospital and declared that we need to ER my mom. Pass forward, as per the advise of her doctor we need to have an open surery for this and we need to prepare at least half a million pesos to undergo on this procedure. However, as a daughter i requested to be an OUT-PATIENT my mom's case since we need to gather some suggestions/ opinions from other neurologist. Since, yesterday we got a privilege to have at least a free-open surgery procedure yesterday. The OPD in-charge in the public hospital told us that my mom's case is not fatal and its not emergency. But on Monday we will see the result if there's a chance to have a radiotherapy rather than open-surgery.


My thought bubble is: What if my mom undergo with the open-surgery, is there's a chance that she will be having a paralyzed stage? for atleast 4 weeks? Or what's your recovery stage? After your surgery? 



Please let me know your  experience. I will appreciate it a lot.



Thank you.


Love - PH