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I had a hemorrhoidectomy 9 days ago and my life has been nothing but a challenge since. My doctor prepared me for the worse... to the best of his ability but I can not see how anyone and I mean anyone, can prepare themselves for such . His exact words were "It's worse than child birth". Being that I have never been pregnant, I could not relate to what I was about to endure only that it would be bad. He also told me that everyday will get better. That is partly true... you do get better but some days get worse... a whole lot worse. 

The first day I had trouble peeing!! FYI they wouldnt let me leave the hospitol until I produced some urine. If you cant pee they insist on to using a catheter to empty your bladder. I avoided this by using a water bottle (the kind they give woman after child birth) with warm water, to splash my lady parts with water as hot as I could stand it. It took several rounds but eventually I went. I use this bottle everyday now by choice. It helps keep me refreshed and the swelling down. Don't forget to do your sitz baths. Relax in the tub for an hour if you can. I have experienced bleeding and a mucus like discharge from my derriere. The docotor says its normal and to make sure I take my supplements as recommended and eat light my first couple of days because the first poop is killer.

I had my first poop 3 days after the procedure. I WASN'T READY!! I was terrified, in tears with hot and cold flashes. I found it somewhat suitable to light candles and poop in the dark. I had a small foot stool with a pillow on it to elevate my feet bc my legs were going numb. With my water bottle near by to splash my swollen hurting parts, almost to lube it for what was to come. Finally it was over and I felt as if I gave birth to a baby elephant!! When I examed my was the size of a quarter and the consistency of baby poop. I called my doctor immediately he said it was normal. It also smelled like fish. My first thoughts were oh boy now I have a bacterial infection in the ladies department but no it was coming from my newly constructed butt hole. Wow!! How could this be? The doctor said that too was normal. My next meals consisted of baby food and water in hopes to  better poop days. Well... I can't say it really helped much. I suddenly felt as if I was constipated. I took Sena-S (stool softener) and 2 shots of grape flavored magnesium citrate (laxative). My next poop lasted on and off for 2 and a half days. Don't do what I did! I felt like I has given birth to several creatures over those days. 

Now here it is...just now recovering from those poop days, I found myself feeling constipated again. This time I just drank water and have been in and out the bathroom a few times today. I still feel constipated. To make the day a little better my menstrual decided to show up 2 days early. Not sure how this road will be but I do have questions. Is it safe to use tampons at this time? Its hard enough keeping the back clean and fresh. What on earth will I do with both deparments bleeding? Not to gross anyone out but I need feedback please like asap. I need a woman's perspective my Dr can not provide that. 


I'm in your same boat just had surgery one week ago and flow came last night. Lots of baths and showers is what I'm doing