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I had my surgery on 6/16/11; (Thursday) Currently I'm on day 9. Now lets begin.....

Firstly now i'm starting to think I may have rushed into doing the surgery without proper knowledge (soo kicking my self for this as this soo isn;'t me)
Well I had skin tags (which I always thought were external hemorrhoids) My surgeon told me it was skin tags, and I also had an internal hemm and he can remove the skin tag and while at it remove the internal hemms.

Mind you I was still clueless to what skin tags were, as I left his office thinking there were internal hemms that just got long. All I kno was I wanted what was sticking out my ass to be gone ( I noticed them right after I gave birth 2yrs ago). NE way, had my surgery, got percocet, and stool softener. I was told by my discharge nurse that percocet my cause constipation was told 2 stool softener, siz baths, and my good ole percocet for pain.

Got home took the softeners thinking ohh they would help with the constipation  (BIG MISTAKE). I peed (even that proved to be a full task, I had to pee in the tub and hold my belly bottom to let it out)
Friday removed the bandage; By Saturday (day 2) I was getting constipated eating greens drinking fluids etc. Day 3 constipated as hell; tried to get it out,  nearly passed out (literally) the only thing that came out was goat dodo (a small piece that looks n feels like stone)  which I had to do in my son's potty (he doesn't use it btw). 
I came to this site for help;  got tons of advice (squatting while pooping) I saw the milk of magnesium but didn't want to take it without confirmation. Monday morning (day 4) bright and early 8am I called my doc's office, they told me to take the milk of magnesium. At  this point I'm in unbearable pain as I've been off the pain killers from day 3, I took the MM nothing happened; I tried to poop but a small piece came out again; MM not working 6hrs after I took more MM; then an hour after I tired to get the poop out; SWEAT, BLOOD, TEARS and PRAYERS, and 30mins the hard ones came out, then the MM started to take its tool, I was just gushing everything I ate out my ass, everything was coming out. I thanked God and while doing so tears came as I was traumatized.

At this point I was afraid to even sneeze, as to my ass pain. They gave me a follow up appt for the Wed (day 6th). At this point I couldn't take the pain so I took excedrin extra strength (to my surprise it works wonders) it helped with the pain but I was still afraid of constipation so I only took one. Day 6 came, I went to the doc. To my surprise he was shocked that I was constipated (so quickly hmmmmm) and that I was in soo much pain, and he wanted me to take the pain killers. He wanted to make sure the excedrine worked I assured him it did, he said to take it as often to subdue my pain.

Ne way, He was also shocked that I was in soo much pain, because to my understanding it was mostly the skin tags, n internal hemms; well he said he would check just look at my bottom, well to his surprise I got a thrombosed Hemorrhoid so thats prob what was causing so much pain. Now when I got home start doing my research, so I start having 2nd thoughts about doing the surgery, because I'm like I had skin tags removed which were caused by thrombosed hemm, now right after my surgery I get ANOTHER thrombosed hemm, so that means I'm gonna have a NEW SKIN TAG. I was soo pissed, As i began to think this was a waste and I put mny self though that much pain for nothing.

Day 6th had my 2nd bowel movement, it was't as bad, so I thought I was feeling better and healing. Well fast fwd to today day 9. Had my 3rd BM, it was a bit painful but not like 1st, there was blood etc (to me was a shock as I thought that should have stopped_, I'm in pain so I still have to take the excedrine and I think thats constipating a bit as well (IDK). My wound still hurts IDK why and I feel the stitch and it burns when water touches it (guess its healing) I think one of my stitch came out as well.

Ohh and while All this has been going on I got my period (great another issue to deal with). In all Im having mixed feelings because of getting that thrombosed hemm (which prob leads to ANOTHER tag-pointless). I've been doing my siz bath regularly. Ohh And before I forget, two hours ago I discovered that the right side of my vagina is swollen and I feel a small lump and it hurts/tender, IDK WTH is going on with me (and no Not having sex) I'm wondering if that was cause by the surgery now as the hemmorrhoids that were removed were on my right side and now day 9, the right side of my vagina skin is swollen with a small lump......

I'll keep you guys posted.


I've got skin tags I want removed. Not sure if this has convinced me otherwise! Good luck though, keep us posted