I suffered with Grade 4 hemorrhoids and underwent a closed hemorrhoidectomy two weeks ago. Before committing  to surgery I suffered with them for close to 20 years! Surgery was never an option for me and I made up in my mind that I would suffer for the rest of my days. My situation got worse over time, every flare up was becoming more unbearable, and they started to bleed uncontrollably...even without being constipated or eating bad. I had enough and scheduled surgery! I think accepting the surgery for what it is will be key for anyone considering it. Mind over matter. I began eating better with more fiber, etc. about a week before the surgery and took one stool softener daily. Nothing to eat after midnight the day before surgery and 2 enemas the morning of. No complications from the surgery and everything went as planned. Idk what kind of local anesthesia was administered but it kept the rectal area numb for 3 days and I rotated Hydrocodone w/ Acetaminophen with Ketorolac every three hours...and still took stool softeners. I was very comfortable up until the anesthesia began to wear off. My diet was minimal during this time and I think it was because of the pain meds, but I was still eating healthy foods when I did eat. TONS OF WATER! I also was taking Metamucil daily. Just remember this! CONSTIPATION IS A SIDE EFFECT OF THE PAIN MEDS!!!! I had surgery on a Friday, tried to have a BM on Tuesday, had my first BM on Wednesday, and this was the most painful part of the whole experience. The pain medication caused me to become super constipated and trying to use the restroom caused me to scream, whimper, and cry (not to mention I have a high pain tolerance). It felt impossible to go. Finally, I took 3 pain pills and suffered through the ordeal. I have kids and that pain was something I’ve never felt before in life! After this, I stopped taking the pain meds and alternated OTC Tylenol and Motrin. I would only take 1 prescribed med 30 minutes before having a BM. Sitz baths are the best thing for slight comfort. I was taking 5 to 6 warm (like very hot) baths a day and after every BM. I preferred soaking in the tub, instead of using the plastic basin on the toilet. Sometimes I would add Epsom salt to the water. Once I was done I would pat dry the area very lightly. My doctor did not want me to use any creams and ointments back there, only plain water and as much fresh air as possible. I would hold my cheeks open and let the shower hit the area when I took my showers. I spent a lot of time commando and it was not messy or hard to do so. Rest is also important. I stayed off of my feet and did not rush myself to sit on my rear. You will need more than a week off from work; I suggest 3 weeks ideally. Keep the area clean and dry! No soap, only warm water. I also used Preparation H wipes IN ABUNDANCE. Gauze also helps. I would fold a piece and place it between my cheeks, changing it FREQUENTLY (6 to 8 times per day).


I totally understand your fear and uncertainty, but relief is near!!! No more bleeding or difficulty to keep my rear clean. I feel like I am at 90%. I am able to drive and sit with little discomfort. I am using the restroom regularly with no pain meds. I still prefer sitting in fairly hot water throughout the day and I think this helped me a lot. I suggest filling the tub before your BM so you can immediately get in to soak. Be prepared before the surgery with everything you need - healthy foods (Thank God for grocery delivery service!), Preparation H wipes, gauze, Metamucil, stool softener, and a laxative. There has been no blood in my stool. I do not regret having the surgery at all. My doctor is awesome and I wish I would have had the surgery sooner. Everyone is different and will have a different experience. Remember mind over matter. It will be painful to a degree but you’ll need to stay calm, breathe, relax, and endure. The pain will eventually subside and you should be in much better shape than before the surgery. Houston, TX.