Alright, so I have been taking standard, estrogen only bcp for 2 months now. Well on April 2nd, I broke my leg and have been kind of haphazard about taking my pills. I'd miss a pill here and there, and were definitely taking them at random times of the day. At the end of week 3, I missed 4 pills in a row, and now I am into the placebo pills. I didn't worry about starting a new pack right away, I just figured I'd start the new pack as planned after the placebo's were up. Since my leg was broken, I didn't really figure I would be having sex for awhile anyway. Well as it turns out, my husband and I has sex on Sunday,  4/17/11 without a backup method of BC. So what I am trying to figure out is - was it possible for me to ovulate in that short amount of time, thus possibly becoming pregnant?

I do not want to start the next pack of bcp pills until I know for sure whether I am pregnant or not. Although my husband and I were not TTC, we would love if we were pregnant and would not want to do anything to harm the baby. The first day of my last menstrual period was 4/6/11. If you recall from above, I started getting sloppy about taking the pills since 4/2/11. Then 4/9/11, I missed 4 pills in a row. The date of the first day of my period from 2 months ago was 3/17/11. So it seems my cycle is 21 days long. I just need to know if it was possible to ovulate from those missed pills and if I am possibly pregnant.. I know so many factors vary here, but any input would be helpful. Plus it is going to drive me crazy to have to wait it out to take a HPT!

Oh and one more thing.. I have to go in for xrays for my leg every couple weeks.. the first one the tech put a lead apron over my abdomen for protection. The second one I had which was yesterday (4/18/11), the tech did not put the lead apron on me. If I am pregnant would it affect anything this early into it??

Thanks for all your help! Sorry for such a long message.