so my long term boyfriend and i have sex pretty much everytime we see eachother which is on weekends and around 3 days during the week. he ALWAYS cums in me (we lost it to eachother in high school , used condoms back then, and i am now 24 years old, havent hookedup with anyone else but eachother and i would know he hasnt since hes pretty much always with me) but thats besides the point. i am on birthcontrol and have been on it for 2 years. i always get my period exactly on the 3rd day of "sugar pills"- inactive brown pills. but this time i got it 4 days earlier than when the brown pills even start / 7 days before i have been getting it for the past 2 years on it. i think this might be due to me skipping two pills this week & a pill last week & a pill the week before that (hectic weeks, terribly stresssed, studying for my medical school exams so i absolutely f*cked up with my pills) keep in mind he always cums in me.. i have been eating things i would usually never eat.. like burgers, ribs, etc. and i have been feeling a bit nauseous but i honestly believe thats because im a health freak and take to many vitamins in the morning...? is this normal? or am i just overanalyzing this..? i have been so stressed i feel like im losing my mind. please someone let me know. i thought usually after conception you only get spotting and mine looked quite like the usual amount of blood.. if i am i will keep the baby because of my morals, and my partner and i have steady well paying jobs. SOMEONE PLEASE FILL ME IN.