basically, i had sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago - and i was due to come on my period round about now (yesterday). which obviously didnt happen.
but i dont think im pregnant as i have no symptoms of pregnancy.
i have all the regular signs or coming onto my period such as breaking out (spots), bloating, sore breasts and craving chocolate - but still no period.
i checked the condom after we had sex to see if it had broken or in case i was pregnant
im not currently on the pill or using any other contraception - i havent had sex since. and the condom had no leakages or holes or tears in it.

i've read a few posts from other people saying that stress caused their period to be late - could it be because im stupidly stressed and paranoid that im pregnant that my period is delayed? my period is never on exactly the same day every month but im still worried.

im only 16 - and being pregnant would be a nightmare. i couldnt tell my mum!
please help