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I lost my virginity on the 23rd dec and after that I've had sex with my boyfriend 6 times, he has never ejaculated inside of me. He claims he has never pre-cummed inside of me either. 

We have always been safe and made sure we have used a condom, even after sex we would blow up the condom to make sure there are no holes, which there weren't. 

I was due my period at the beginning of this month and it has yet to arrive. This has left me feeling very confused as I've had all the signs that my period is on its way (period pains, backache, acne, mood swings, feeling depressed, headaches etc) yet my period still isnt here :( 

I've even taken a pregnancy test which has come out as negative.

Also, when I lost my virginity, it was a very painful experience and caused me alot of stress and my body felt rather shocked afterwards. 

I'm also a student at college. Could the pressure and stress of coursework deadlines be a reason why my period is delayed?


then you dont have anything to worry about if you used prtection