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Hopefully this isn't a stupid question. I'm 18 and need help! My boyfriend and I have been scared lately that I might be pregnant. However, he would always pull out (when we don't have a condom) before he could even put his sperms inside me, and we normally don't use a condom until he wants to put himself in a position to cum (if that makes any sense).

What helped me not worry so much was the fact that I had no pregnancy signs, but i recently read that there are some who don't show any at all (which I assume is a rare case but it is still possible) I have no spotting, no massive cravings, nor am I lethargic (plus its summer), and whatever else is needed to tell pregnancy.

Another thing that reassured me was that I got a CT Scan (im sorry, i didn't worry or think about it at the time if I am pregnant), and a blood test done. I dont think they would have spotted my pregnancy since I lied that I wasn't sexually active.

Another thing is, I had this gooey kind white stuff coming out of my vagina (it's discharge right?) and i think its normally a sign that my period is arriving, but it didn't!!

Now I have missed my period, and my boyfriend is getting me a pregnancy test from the dollar store (which I read was just as good), but I just want extra advice asking if any of this possibly means I'm pregnan even if the test is negativet. Hopefully I'm not because my only evidence is this skipping period.

So, does any of this means I'm possibly pregnant pregnant? Could being very sexually active cause a delay in my menstrual cycle?  


Im in the same boat. Im 18 and my boyfriend and i are very sexually active and we hardly use protection but he pulls out. Im almost a week late. My boobs are a little sore but i have no discharge or spotting. I need advice