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Me and my girlfriend had sex with a condom on the whole time. After, i finished while my penis was vertical. I noticed that once i shrunk a little (i got out of her), cum dripped onto my thigh since my penis taking up the whole condom. Which immediately scared us. I know there was no way for it to have leaked inside her, and i emptied the condom into a sink and checked for holes, there were none. I also filled it with water to double check and nothing came out. This happened on a wednesday April 22. We got her plan b thursday night and we are still scared. Her period usually starts from the 21 st to 25 ish but it still hasnt started yet. Its been 3 days already and she hasnt had her period yet, and we are worried Its already the 25th of April. Is there any chance of her period being delayed?


Hi there

If the condom did not break or had holes in it, it is highly unlikely that your girlfriend is pregnant. She also had the Plan B, so, no chances of being pregnant. Period delays and changes are some of the side effects of Plan B. So, be patient, I will list some side effects below -


  • Nausea: About 14% to 23% of women
  • Abdominal pain: About 18% of women
  • Fatigue: About 17% of women
  • Headache: About 17% of women
  • Dizziness: About 11% of women
  • Breast tenderness: About 11% of women
  • Vomiting: About 6% of women
  • Diarrhea: About 5% of women
  • Irregular menstrual bleeding: Some women may experience spotting after taking plan B. The majority of women will have their next menstrual period at the expected time or early. When plan B is used repeatedly (more than once in a menstrual cycle, or more than occasional once-a-month use), menstrual changes may occur, including a shorter or longer cycle and a heavier or lighter period than normal.

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Do you by any chance know how delayed it can get. Just so I know what to expect


Every woman has her own blood chemistry and responses vary. It could be a week late or maybe she will skip a period