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My bf and I had sex 3 days ago. It was protected. The only thing is he might of precame inside me but with the condom on. When we took the condom off the tip of his penis was fairly dry though so we don't even know if he precame. He didn't actually cum inside me he finished with a bj ayways so no worries there. After we were all done we checked for holes aand nothibg. My period is due soon either today or within the next few days. Anyway I'm worried sick that I might be pregnant some way some how! Writing about it I just think that there's no possible way I am. Like no holes. No real cum in me. But possibly precum even though there weren't any holes? Nothing leaked out the bottom either and if it did he didn't go all the way in me to where the bottom of the condom was cause its only our 2nd time. And is it even possible to gget pregnant this close to your period? Like 2-7 days before it? And can stressing about this delay a period because I've been soooooo stressed about and its only been 3 days but still. I can't afford to have a kid I'm too young. I'm also having all period symtoms but still no period. Can someone ease my mind please!


Heres what i think, your over thinking the issue and your mostlikely not pregnant. Yes it is possible to get pregnant that close to your period. you can get pregnant anytime, even on your period. but if you used a condom, you should be fine. if your too young and ccant afford a child i would suggest absintence or birth control. You only have to have sex oine time to get pregnant, and precum can get you prego as well. Im not trying to scare you becuase its very very unlikely that you are. the more the stress the later your period will be. good luck