Hey! I am seeking advice from anyone who can help regarding my current situation.. I am a 20 year old female, I came off the coil 3 months ago due to on-going issues with my Cervix, Therefore haven't been on any form of contraception as I wanted to give my body a short break from contraception. I (stupidly) have had unprotected sex a few weeks back and I was due my period a few days ago. They are always near enough on time. Last week I had spotting for about 3 days. I took a home pregnancy test and it came back Negative. I then went to the doctors Friday just gone, did another test and it also came back Negative. Of course the doctor advised if I don't receive my period very soon I need to return and see what is going on. I have had some awful headaches and some really awful mood swings the last few weeks.I also had very slight cramping, nothing too intense. My periods are usually very heavy and along with them I get awful back ache, and awful abdominal cramping. None of which I have experienced though supposedly due a period?! Just wondering if its possible to still be pregnant although i have had two tests say Negative? Any advice and feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you!!! :)