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I have been diagnosed with MCTD (combo of Lupus and RA) last year after long years of uncertainty. I have recently began having severe head aches. They are not your regular headaches like pounding etc. which feels like they come from within but they feel like my head on itself hurts. The pain stretches from my shoulder blade, neck till my front lobes. Even my face hurts. I have read about Giant Cell Arthirits or temporal arthritis which untreated can cause blindness. Before being diagnosed with MCTD I became sick and was diagnosed with CMV (cytomegalie virus) which in my case caused a 6 weeks temporal blindness. After the swelling receded I regained by eyesight. Can the recurring headaches be a sign of GCA and was my first sickness the beginning of GCA??


OMG , the same EXACT thing happened to me .. In 2006 , I was sick for weeks on end , till I finally drove myself to the Emergency room .. They thought it was a kidney infection at first but upon ct scan , my liver and spleen were twice the normal size .. I was extremely lethargic and was running temperatures . 5 years later , I broke out in hives , that lead to spiraling into a lupus flare and with MANY blood draws , I was diagnosed with MCTD .. I winder how have you faired ?>