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On June I had a condom break and took the morning after pill on time, my period arrived like 13 days later on July, and later that month I had the same accident and took the pill again, my period arrived like in 13 days too on August and a month later on September 27 to October 1st approximately. All normal.

Between October 9 and 13, don't remember which day, I had a little, little brown spotting, just for a day I think, I thought that it was my period starting, but it wasn't, apparently. I had intercourse on October 20 with protection and no accidents. Now, October is ending, my period is irregular so I shouldn't even be worrying, but I know that by now I should be having my period's symptoms of being near, but I don't.

If my period doesn't come soon, should I think that spotting was my period being deformed for the effects of the pills I took three months ago? or could it be something else?

I'd be thankful if you reply!


That sounds very odd