Okay, I'm sort of asking this on behalf of her... in a way, I'm more worried about it than her...

But anyway, my girlfriend had been on birth control pills for quite a few months until December 2006, and she couldn't get a refill. So she went through her cycle from approximately mid-December through mid-January not on the pill. Everything was normal. Then, in mid-January, she got the pills again and started taking them again. She had her period last month as normal. Then, after that period (ending approximately mid-February, maybe a little later) she experienced another "period" (or so it seemed to her) about a week after the last period, perhaps a bit less. It only lasted a couple of days then went away. Then, a few days later, she got a bit of spotting, including some brown discharge? This was VERY small... I believe it was wiped away after going to the bathroom. That only lasted about a day, and since then, there has been no spotting. She is continuing to take the pill and is expecting her period next Sunday (the 11th of March)

She said she has never experienced anything like this before. We are sexually active but in addition to the pill, I also use a condom. I'm a little worried about pregnancy (maybe implantation bleeding) but I'm probably just being paranoid. She otherwise feels normal.

Sorry if I can't give really specific details... I tried my best.

Do I (or her) have anything to worry about? Is there really any chance that she's pregnant or has something serious? Thanks for your input.

p.s. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or the birth control board. Sorry if this is the wrong one.