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I never wanted to use the pill because i dont like consuming unatural things that will affect my body. So i've just been using condoms, but one broke last week, so in the same day i went and got the morning after pill. I thought since it had already broken it would be ok to have unprotected sex again before i consumed the pill, but the morning after pill was taken within the 12 hours that the pill is mostly affective. I've been getting worried because even though it has a high success rate, I am 2 days late and have never been late before. I've also started feeling a kind of acid build up in my lower throat, and havn't been very hungry. I'm hoping that i'm just sick from something else, and the pill is making my period come later but do you think I have a high chance of being pregnant?


Hi honey! Sorry if I sound dumb her but let me see if I have this right?

1 You used a condom and it broke so you got the morning after pill, BUT since you were taking it you decided to have unprotected sex again!!?

IF that is right, did you take the pill within the amount of time for either event? Most Plan B's or Morning have to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex! If this is the case for the ones you took, you are fine! The Emergency conception pill has a 99% effectiveness rate! And also it can cause upsets with your actual period - as it has a MASSIVE amount of hormones - to stop the egg from being fertilized and unable to embed in the lining of your uterus!

From now on, have your partner wear a condom and ejaculate outside the body - this way there are no oops's! OK? IF anything changes please let me know! Good luck and health!