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So here's the story, and stay with me cause it's a long one:

I'm on the Birth Control Pill and have been for about 6 or more months. I got my period about 3 weeks ago, which was two weeks earlier than my expected period, but it didn't surprise me because for a while my period was really irregular, due to change in regime and diet (at least I think that's why). I had sex with a boy a few days after that period ended, and we used a condom but realized after he's already climaxed that the condom had broke. The very next day, I took the Morning After Pill, and about a week (not even) later, I got my period in the EXPECTED time. It only lasted until it my new set of pills started (like it should) and I'm about mid-week into that new month of Birth Control Pills. I've been really anxious and uncomfortable lately, and yesterday around noon, I had to go home because I felt really nauseous. I took about 8 Advil that night, because I was freaking out hoping I'm not pregnant, and I woke up this morning feeling really sick, too (probably from whatever made me sick YESTERDAY, and from the copious amounts of unnecessary medication).
Also, some gruesome little details you probably don't want to hear, but might add to the facts; I'm bulimic so my body's as dry as a prune, and my vagina was really dry ( I know.. eew ) when I was having intercourse with the guy, so I'm hoping that would make it HARDER for sperm to swim it's way up there, and also I hear that woman who aren't fully nurished have a harder time getting pregnant in the first place. I'm not super bad or anything, but just a side note.

So my question is...
What's the likelihood that I'm pregnant, given that I'd:
A. Had an irregular period a week before I had sex
B. Had a second irregular period the week AFTER I had sex
C. The condom broke
D. Am on the Birth Control Pill
E: Took the Morning After Pill the following day?


First of all... I want to hug you for doing all the right things - seriously, you're one of the few on here that's clued up!

-tackle hugs-

Bleeding at odd and unexpected times can be caused by the pill because they play with your hormones, so that "extra" period you had was most likely the pill just deciding to play mind games with you - don't worry about that. If you've only been on it 6 months then your body will still be adjusting to it - pills can make periods early, late, longer or shorter as well as more or even less painful.

If you took the morning after pill within 72 hours (again, so glad you did this!), my only concern (and only because you mentioned it) is that maybe you didn't hold the pill down? Were you sick within 24 hours of taking the second morning after pill? If not then you should be fine.

Feeling sick is most likely from a mixture of medication you took and nerves about the whole situation.

It's unlikely that you're pregnant considering everything that you've said.

I'm glad you did all the right things and had a backup plan that you used. You're a smart girl and you should be fine.

But if you are still worried then it never hurts to take a test - but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks before any results would show considering how recent this all was.


Yeah, I hadn't thrown up that day, so I think I'm good. The only other things freaking me out a bit is something going on internally. I was checking up on myself, and I noticed that I can't push my fingers very far up my vagina; it feels almost like there's a barrier or something. I've NEVER paid much attention to it before, so it could just be normal and I'm over analyzing it, but it's starting to really bug me. Oh dear..

I mean, your body doesn't start closing off (forming the baby's little "nest" haha) until a WHILE after conception, right?


No, your cervix would only start to shift closer to the end of pregnancy. Obviously the best answer is to know is the see the doctor though.


Do you think that she should see a doctor if she doesn't have her period or anything like that? I think that it would be a good idea to get a blood test. What do you recommend?


I'd wait until her period is missed - by at least 4 or 5 days before taking a test, as often a pregnancy test will not show a positive result until after a missed period. It's doubtful that shes pregant from what's been said above.

If the test comes back negative, take another one in a few extra days time. If it's still coming up negative and her period hasn't arrived then go down to the doctors. It'll most likely still be the pill playing with hormone levels, or even stress.

But after a period has offically been "missed" (still not there after it would normally have been finished), a quick bloodtest can be done which is far more accurate than a pregnancy test. Your doctor or nurse should be able to do this within a day or two of a request for it.

How's it going Obra?!


(sorry I was on holiday, so this reply is a little late)


Oh I forgot to mention.... your cervix naturally shifts when you are aroused, when your vagina is "prepared" for sex then the cervix shifts to make room for a penis.

However when you're not aroused then your cervix sits a little bit lower - this is probably why you can feel it now when you check and haven't noticed before.

That's totally normal for everyone and nothing to worry about.
Certainly not a sign of pregnancy!