i took the morning after pill(june 15th) i had sex on june 13th...now 14days later (weird period) which normally my periods (last anywhere from 2wks or more) i normally soak a pad in 2.5hrs and i am not.. i am just wondering..if this is my period or not because i was on depo for 3yrs and then the doctor recommced a short break from the depo.. so i am no longer on birh control and june 13th (of this year) i had unprotected sex and i took the morning after pill on june 15th at 10:01pm est and the second pill on june 16th at 10:00am and i am just wondering..how likely is it to become pregnant after taking the pill after 72hrs? like how effect is it? any ideas would be greattt! i'm 21yrs old. and i need to know the chances of becoming pregnant...because right now i have a sore troat and my period is being really weird and i need ideas and at least % of the working of the morning after pill!! any ideas will be very helpful :-D :-)