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i had unprotected sex on the 24th of feb.the next day i took morning after pill and after 12 hours i took another one.but later in the night we had unprotected sex again.usually i have a regular cycle of 28days and so after 5days, on 1st march i had my period with a normal flow.but since then, i feel sickly, always want to throw up and am abit stomach is also unconfortable.its the 24th of march,close to a month now and i still feel the same way.could i be pregnant? prety.


A possiblitiy exits that you can be pregnant, but in some cases not all persons that experience some of the symptoms such as the few you mentioned would be pregnant. Have you been having any other signs such as abnominal pains, lower back pains, any cramping, etc. If you have been having these symptons lately well likely it is that you can be pregnant. My advice for you is to do a pregnancy test.


My experience with the morning after pill:

I took it twice within a month, which you should never do, ever. 
1st pill: taken 6th of february. Had a normal period from the 15th-20th
2nd pill: taken 23rd of feb (stupid i know). Had a 2 day bleed from 3-5th of March.

Then no period for a while. Now i'm normally irregular and wouldn't have panicked but I started getting all the pregnancy symptoms. Extreme tiredness, sleepy all the time, extreme bloating (i looked pregnant, ma tummy was normally so flat!!!), weight gain, abdominal pain, getting irritated easily, headaches etc..... 
I took about 5 pregnancy tests but they all came out negative. 

All I could find online was that the pills knocked my hormones out of sync and that it could take months, maybe years to get it back. 
Now i know a little bit about herbs and went to get MUIRA PUAMA capsules last week. I've used it before to balance my hormones and figured might as well try it. 

It wasn't expensive (60 x 1000mg capsules for about 6euros). 
I started taking 1 capsule a day on 13th of April in the morning (you have to take it early because it makes you really hyper & might not be able to sleep at night, so i took it as early as possible). I also added more fruits & veggies to my diet but I didn't really eat much different from before.

My bloating was gone the next day and my stomach went back to flat in two days and I got my period today (22nd April), back on my normal cycle before all this pill biznis. And all the new bigger size pants i bought on the 13th of April are now loose!!! I'm back to my old size.

Thanks for reading & hope this helps someone.



have a question pertaining to this situation. So, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he finished in me, turns out the day he finished in me I was ovulating. About 24-48 hours after that incident I took the morning after pill. Then 24 hours after taking the pill we had unprotected sex again and he finished in me again (more than once).( yeah I know totally irresponsible on both ends) The day after I got my period it came about two weeks early but I was told it was a possibility of happening. My period lasted 4 days like it usually does. But lately I've been feeling odd, nauseas, light headed, my breast are tender. Might I be pregnant?