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Hi, I was wondering when to expect my next period. We had sex and the condom broke on day 8 of my cycle. Didnt take the morning after pill until 54 hours later (day 11 of my cycle). I had some spotting about a week later and now on day 36 of cycle my regular period hasnt come. I have had 2 negative pregnancy tests but dreamt last night of breastfeeding a baby which freaked me out.. should I just start counting from when my spotting started or treat it like a late period? Thanks


Hi Guest,

It's a very common side effect of emergency contraceptives.  Your next FEW periods can be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.

You can try counting from when you spotted.  It's not a guarantee however.

You can test if you want.  Just wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex.  Use your first morning urine (wake up pee) for best accuracy.

Hope it helps.