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I had sex on the 3rd night of my period. The condom broke,the next day my period was still running normally.On the 5th day.I got this "just to make sure" feeling,so I took the Morning After Pill (Plan B) 


for your info. I have a long cycle 30-32 days & quite regular period,7 days but my period only shows up on the 1-4th and the last day it has always been like that.

So here's my question...

1.My period stopped after I took Plan B (it should've come on the last day as I stated, but it didn't) is this normal? 

2. Some people claimed to be pregnant during their period, and that makes me nervous.How could it happen? I'm in my 20++ and my period started to be regular,shows up during(or almost)the same date for about 1 year. Am I safe?


Just to be clear,Took Plan B pills on the 5th day of my period means I took it 36 hrs. after having sex :)



Hi Guest,

It is very unlikely that you'll conceive having sex during your period.  It is not impossible.  It depends upon exactly when you ovulate but it normally occurs between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Sperm can remain viable for about 5 days.

In this case it is unlikely you are pregnant.

You took Plan B in time so it should be effective - anyways.  

There are side effects.  Plan B can make your next few periods different as it is a very large dose of hormones.  Likely what you are experiencing is a side effect.  It is common to have periods that are early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.  

Hope it helps.