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Hey, so i had sex on the 30th of November 2012, it was the day after my period ended, they guy didn't come inside me he pulled out but I know there was precum there, i was worried so i took a morning after pill about 53 hours later, i didn't feel sick or get spotting or cramps, just had very tender breasts when my period was ment to arrive on the 22nd of December. Its now 17 days late and still have no period so im really worried about it now and really not sure what the story is, i took a pregnancy test two days ago and it came back negative, im waiting for another few days before i take the second one but is it likely im pregnant? is there anything i can do that will help my period start?

very worried! 


Hi June,

It's normal for your periods to be early or late after using emergency contraceptives.

The next time you test, be sure to use only your very first morning - wakeup - urine.  It's more concentrated so more likely to give you an accurate result.

I think it unlikely you'd be pregnant.  

Hang in there.