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Hi , I'm reallyworried about my self ! I'm 23 just and have been on my period for 3 days now . After missing November and December completely out of my cycle ? I panicked and thought I might be pregnant (obvs wasn't ) . Since this morning iv been getting really bad lower abdominal pain , feeling sick and dizzy and I also shave dhiarea really bad . After reading the leamelt in my tampon box iv become increasingly worried I might have toxic shock :( trust me to get worried at a weekend when the doctors are closed ! I have no appetite the thought of food imaking me sick ? What wrong with me :( 


Hello Gemma,

Late periods are not unusual.  Bad lower abdominal pain may be a sign of materials left behind in the uterus.  Sometimes. you can have clotting that can't pass through the cerival canal.  This sends information back to the brain which can cause a lack of a period and/or spotting from small pieces passing through.  Since you have a period now, your cycle should begin again.  Some women have this problem periodically and recquire a D&C to clean out the uterine area to remove debris.  Once this is done things generally go back to normal.  Your cramping in the lower abdominal area may be a sign of material built up.  If this continues you need to see a gynecologist to check this out.  This is very important.  Material left behind can generate an infection which you certainly don't need.  The toxic shock syndrome tampons were removed a long time ago so that shouldn't be your problem.  Sometimes an emotional upset can set these symptoms into action as well.  Let your period run its course and see what happen next month.  If it still isn't normal, seek medical attention as soon as possible.