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hey :
im new here, so bare with me! i didnt want to post my own topic so i tried reading through all of the others similar to my topic. however none of them really matched my situation. im hoping someone can help me here since i have no one to confide in.

i have been sexually active since mid january of this year. i have used condoms every time, but im not on birth control. i did have my period in february (this month) and it was like any other period, pretty regular. But this is where the concern plays in. i finished my period about a week ago but im experiencing extreme bloating pain in my lower abdominal area. almost like im still having period cramps. ill randomly get cases of nausea, light headedness, and fatigue. oh and i also gasey. 
then i noticed about two days after my period ended, brown discharge gooped in my panties and had an odd smell to it. that smell lasted all day, even though i tried washing.  is this food poisoning?
my lower abdomen is actually so bloated, its sticking out like a beer belly or like im pregnant. why is this happening? what could be the causes? am i pregnant? 


hey there im the exact same me and my fiance been tryin for a baby i was due on tuesday didnt come on have very bad cramps feeling sick boobs bad and gasey well on friday i wiped my self and its a pinkish colour at first then a hour later it turned reddish brown its not like my normal period cuz it goes a dark red at first iv done pregnancy tests before the spottin the came bck negative i did a docs on negative to so im gna have blood test in the week so hopefully they will tell me if i am or not my symtoms are the same as yours go to the docs and ask for a bloods test done im confused myself wiv my body