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me and my fiancee have been having unprotected sex and im recently off BC however i have an irregular period so i wasn't too worried however i am now almost four months late for my period which even though I am irregular the dates were never the same, but iv never missed a whole three months before almost four and on top of which i feel fine one second then dizzy and nasueated the next even when I'm sitting down and not moving and every night i feel sick like I'm gonna throw up and iv gained a little bit of weight even though i havent been eating more than usual and i have a high metabolism so i don't gain weight easy and my stomach is firm and harder than usual i also have been having crazy mood swings one moment i feel fine and then the next i get too hot or too cold or feel sick I'll feel happy then distracted or just too tired i'v been sleeping allot more than normal Im almost always tired and I feel hungry even after eating though i restrain myself from overeating i'v been getting massive headaches and my back is sore allot I have an appointment for a blood test with my doctor next week but i took THREE home pregnancy tests and they were all negative however iv been drinking tons of water before taking them but that doesn't mean a false negative i just want to know if there is and thoughts as to if im pregnant or if im just sick



It's hard to say if you're pregnant. Your symptoms aren't specific enough.

Drinking tons of water before you take the home test is not a good idea. I know you want to urinate but you want your urine to be concentrated, not diluted. When it is concentrated the tests are more likely to detect hCG, the hormone that they test for. Just drink normally and use your first morning urine.

Yes, it could be a false negative, you diluted the sample. Repeat the home test. Also, be aware that for some women the home tests don't seem to be very reliable.

The blood test will be much more sensitive in detecting the hormone.

Good luck. Keep us posted with your results.

Hope it helps.