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Hiya I have a question ever since I was 10 I have been masturbating and i know I'm almost 13 I'm bisexual so I have seen other penis but when i see other 13  year olds penis it's been large medium but mine it's embarrassing to get naked in front of my boyfriend and when I try to stop masturbating I just start again if anyone has any helpful tips please email me


Hi Jack,

Penises come in all shapes/sizes.  Some guys get big early and others later on.  Your penis will grow into your early 20's.

Don't be embarrassed.  If you are close enough to your boyfriend (or anyone for that matter) that you are going to have sex then they should RESPECT you enough not to comment on your genitals.  You wouldn't say anything about him now would you?  Think about it.

Trying to stop masturbating?  Good luck.