Still no unmanageable pain. I wonder if the fact that it took two months after my thrombosed hemorrhoid was lanced and I was not suffering from a flare up before the surgery ended up helping as far as pain immediately after surgery.

Ate fiber-one for breakfast, drank a cup of coffee, drank citrucel, continuing to take meds on schedule. No nausea from the pain meds so no need for the phenagran, which is probably a good thing, no telling if it would cause problems with the other meds. Trying to stick to soft foods for now in preparation for the dreaded first BM. From what I have read, you need to have some firmness in BMs to prevent anal strictures?, narrowing of the rectum, and fissures?, but I will reserve that for the second BM ;-) Most of my life I have had 1 or 2 BMs a week, until about 9 months ago when I started on high fiber diet along with citrucel. No laxatives or stool softeners either, since if I recall correctly they are not a good idea, other than the citrucel.

Still not a lot of pain unless I cough, sneeze, try to get out of bed, or do anything else that causes the booty hole to flex. Even then the pain is not as bad as the last thrombosed hemorrhoid..