I have Interstitial Cystitis so I take percocet when I have flare ups and despite stool softeners etc I get constipated.  I've always been prone towards constipation anyways and I have extremely high anal sphincter tone and pelvic floor dysfunction (muscles too tight).  I try not to strain and when things get too bad I manually remove stool with my finger using a glove and lots of lube.

My roids are pretty mild.  They've never bothered me at all... no pain etc.  I had one bleed for a bit.. about 5 minutes and weeks later I got a pea sized hard blood clot when I wiped.  That's been about it though I have several skin tags saying otherwise.


However this past week I was on quite a bit of pain meds and very constipated and I did not have access to gloves/lube so I strained really hard.  I ended up with an external roid that thrombosed.  It started out fairly small... maybe the size of one of those tiny miniature M&Ms candies that you can get in the little tube?  But the next day it swelled up the size of a walnut almost and was ungodly painful. 

I went to the ER and had a nice female doc who cut it open and removed some clots and it felt instantly better, no pressure etc.  That was 2 AM in the morning on Tuesday!  When I woke up the next day though it was even larger and more painful than before so I went back to the ER.  Different doctor said it just needed a larger incision, removed more clots.  Woke up the next day (thursday) and guess what!  half of it had thrombosed again.  Back to the ER, different doctor... who declared there were no clots and if I'd shove it up  back where it belonged then it wouldn't strangulate and I wouldn't have to come to the ER.  So he proceeded to jam his fat finger up my anus 4 times, trying to shove a painfully swollen, thrombosed EXTERNAL roid into my anus.

I vowed to not go back to that ER again and immediately called my PC and got a referral to a Colorectal surgeon.  The earliest appointment was today so I suffered through the weekend with this thing and it eventually swelled back up to walnut size.

So today I woke up with my bladder still in a massive flare and my ass hurting and when I peed wouldn't you know a giant kidney stone pops out.  My pelvic area must hate me.  So I went to my appointment at 10 AM.  I was expecting an office visit, but he numbed me up and excised the entire thing plus some of the extra skin so a tag wouldn't form.  Sent me home with more pain meds and instructions to take lots of fiber, drink a lot of water, etc.

What no one told me was how extremely painful things would be after the anesthesia wore off!  I was expecting it to be much like the pain after the ER... easily controlled with advil and percocet and some topical lidocaine, not much blood and pain free BMs.  Holy cow was that ever wrong.

If I'd known I would have prepared better.  I'd been taking miralax daily and lots of stool softeners and ramping up on the fiber.  I'd been pretty backed up so wouldn't you know about 2 hours after the surgery I had the urge to have a BM.  No big deal right?  Didn't hurt before when the ER cut into me....  I tell you I bout passed out from the pain.  The stool started to come out really nice and easy with no pushing on my part at all until the pain and bleeding started and my sphincter clamped up in spasm.  I practically threw myself into a tub of warm water and tried not to pass out and drowned. 

The problem was all that poo wanted out of my body and the internal pressure was building!  But muscles did not want to cooperate and any time I tried even a little the pain and bleeding almost put me out.  I tried using manual removal which hurt like hell but all I succeeded in doing was bleeding all over the glove and pushing the stool around inside my rectum.

I called their office and told them what was going on and she said I'd have to poop the stool out and deal with the pain and if it was hard stool and I was having that much trouble going to use a Fleet enema.  What she didn't say was to use a MINERAL OIL enema... and I grabbed what I had.. which was a harsh sodium enema.  OMG the flush of sodium solution out a fresh open and bleeding wound is something I wouldn't even wish on the devil, and even more painful was the large mass of stool that got halfway out my anus and then got stuck because things spasmed up.  I actually yelled out loud 'OMG get it out of me!'  I tried really hard to not strain but I had to strain a tiny bit to get it to move.  Back in the tub I went, practically in shock from the pain and shaking and crying.  I still had massive amounts of stool inside pressing to get out though.  I waited 30 minutes in the hot water until things calmed down and got out another glove, slathered up with lidocaine ointment and then a LOT of lube and slowly went in with a finger.  I kept to the side that hadn't been cut on and pulled the stools to the opening and kind of stretched it open with my finger so they could slide out.  Each one came out with dark red blood and large clots and each one hurt like crazy but I finally got all of it out and cleaned the stools out of the tub and refilled it with warm water and kind of sloshed it around on my butt and a goodly bit of blood and clots came out and then it finally stopped and just stung and throbbed like crazy.

After about 40 minutes of soaking in hot water I crawled out of the tub, took two oxycodone and tried to pass out without much success. 

Since then I've had about three glasses of water, which was all I drank today (bad I know), one more oxycodone, a max dosage of tylenol and some flexeril since everything is in massive spasm.  I'm scared to take any more miralax or anything that will make me have a BM.  I don't want to have one any time soon!!!  I'd rather not go at all until things are mostly healed and then I can safely remove them manually without damaging anything or straining. 

I know that's not going to happen though.


So now I have severe pain and constant on/off spasms that leak out tiny little bits of liquid stool. 

I totally went into this unprepared and naive thinking it would be cake like the ER 'surgeries'.  Now I'm paying for it big time.  Can someone PLEASE give me some coping strategies??  Especially on dealing with the BMs?  I had my husband get mineral oil enemas so next time I can use that so things are softer and well lubed.  I wish I'd known and cleaned things out beforehand.


I need help dealing with the BMs, the pain, the leakage, everything.  How long can I expect all this to last??? 


The worst part is I have a horse that is just coming out of rehab... she's totally my baby and I haven't been to the barn since this all started last week!  My trainer has been taking care of her but she is leaving Weds!  My horse requires specialized care, a strict diet, daily icing of her injury and medication! I haven't been able to provide any of that and I don't know if anyone is!