My problems began at the end of Feb 2013. I began experiencing constipation. I normally have a BM every 2 to 3 days. I began drinking more water and cut back on caffeine. I began using laxatives once or twice a week. I began having excruciating pain when having a BM. It was the dreaded "passing glass" feeling. I met with my PCP on 5/9/ 13. I told her I believed I had an anal fissure. She completed a digital exam and told me I had a hemorrhoid. She referred me to a general surgeon, whom I met with on 5/28/13. The surgeon used an anoscope and advised I had more than one fissure. She prescribed Nifedepine, Lidocaine, and Hydrocortisone suppositories and Nifedepine and Lidocaine ointment. She also gave me the rules about water, fiber, etc. I had already been eating healthy so this was not a problem. My anal spasms were so bad by the middle of June that I made an appt with a CRS. I met with him on 7/1/13. After updating him on my case, he did a digital exam and told me he couldn't give me a diagnosis because I was in too much pain. He offered to perform surgery and fix "anything" he "found" while in there. He also suggested a colonoscopy. He said I could just call and he would have me in surgery the next day. I wouldnt even need a pre-op appt. This lackadaisical attitude plus the fact he had never heard of the suppositories the general surgeon had prescribed made me decide I should return to the general surgeon if I didn't get better. The medications provided some relief and by the end of July my pain level was a .5. Unfortunately on 8/4/13 I woke up to an external thrombosed hemorrhoid. Due to it being the weekend, I treated it conservatively with bed rest. By 8/7/13 the external lump was gone, however the pain was still there. The pain became so uncomfortable after a small bout of diarrhea I assumed the fissure was aggravated. I went to see the general surgeon again on 8/27/13. She did a visual exam and partial digital exam due to my pain. She advised I still had the thrombosed hemorrhoid. I told her that was impossible because it was gone. She explained it was external which did not mean it had to be totally outside the anus. She also advised I was terribly inflamed so she was unable to see if my anal fissure had healed. She said normally she would cut the hemorrhoid out but since I have had it 3 weeks I should continue with water, fiber, and ibuprofen and it should go away. She also scheduled a follow up for 6 weeks. Well its not been 4 weeks, but I am still in pain after a BM for most of the rest of the day. I am so depressed. I am a single mom of a 12 year old girl. She has been so understanding but I know she is missing all the fun we used to have. Shoot, there are times I can't even have a conversation with her due to pain. I have an appt with my PCP tomorrow for blood work. I am going to talk with her about my feeling of hopelessness. I also called my surgeon today to move my appt up to next Tues. After all that backstory (sorry just wanted to be thorough)-is it too late for the surgeon to cut out the thrombosed hemorrhoid? Will I have to have a full Hemorrhoidectomy? Are there any other lesser options besides home treatment? I still have internal sphincter spasms so will that impede healing? I am petrified of surgery and more importantly, the pain after. I get extremely sick and vomit for the first 24 hours and I don't think that will be conducive to healing my anus. Thank you to those of you who read this and will respond.