Saturday evening I decided (unfortunately?) to google a bit and found this forum. I decided I better go shopping for supplies and ended up spending in the neighborhood of $175 for supplies. Several large bags of epson salts, gauze, stool softeners, soft foods such as ramen noodles, canned peaches and pears, several 6-packs of ensure, a sitz bath that fits on the toilet, a portable space heater for my freezing bathroom, a water pick hand held shower for "wiping", milk of magnesia, depends diapers, mineral oil, latex gloves, vaseline, gello, fiber-one; all things I realized I might need after reading posts in this forum. After reading so many experiences in this forum, it seemed that sitz baths gave the most benefit, so I decided to order a bidet (a goBidet 2300). Hopefully the bidet will arrive before my first bowl movement (medieval torture session). Had a plumber come run a hot/cold water line for when it gets here. Bidet cost $124, plumber $152. Up to $421 out of pocket expenses so far. Considering some posters here have compared the pain to the pain of child birth, I consider the expense worth it ;-)

I went into work on Monday, the day before my surgery. After reading through the horror stories in this forum, I became concerned, particularly since my only instructions from the nurse were "do not take any medication between now and the surgery". I was scheduled for surgery at 1:30PM, she told me I would need to show up two hours early for prep. I called the surgeon's office from work at about 9:00AM, she seemed alarmed I had not received further instructions, she told me I needed to go to a drug store and get magnesium citrate. I asked her if she could have the doctor call in my prescriptions so I could pick them up the day before the surgery, instead of having to wait in a cold car for an hour while my wife went in to pick them up. After reading these forums, I asked if they could prescribe me vicodin, valium, lidocaine cream, and phenagran for nausea. Considering the fact I have had narcotics only once in the last 25 years, and the fact that anasthesia causes nausea in some people (I have never been under anasthesia), I wanted to make sure I could hold down the pain meds. For whatever reason he would not prescribe phenagran or the lidocaine cream. Called my primary care physician who was nice enough to prescribe the phenagran, but not the lidocain cream, since he was not sure if there was a medical reason it was not indicated. Oh well, can't win them all...

I then had to tell my boss I had to leave work, since previously the nurse did not tell me I would need to be doing the magnesium citrate. I got home and read the bottle, a 10oz bottle of some foul smelling substance. The bottom indicated the adult dosage is 1/2 bottle to 1 full bottle. Was not sure what I needed to do so called to talk to the nurse again, she was with a patient so they took my number again. She never called back so I just drank the entire bottle. Shortly after I had one bowel movement. I wondered why I should be using the magnesium citrate in the morning, yet I could eat/drink until midnight. I figured that the two hour lead time before the surgery I would be getting a good thorough flushing out so I didn't worry about it too much.

My diet the day before surgery. I decide since the first BM will be the worst, to take it easy. Bowl of fiber one for breakfast, citrucel, ramen noodles, and a special treat - breakfast burrito sans jalapenos and oreo blast from Sonic.

To be continued with: Day of Surgery