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There are suspicious densities in the left upper lung field.
The rest of lung field are clear.
Heart is not enlarged.
Diaphragm, sinus and bony thorax are intact.

* Suggest apicolordotic view for further evaluation of the left upper lobe.

What does it mean? ...... Im worried to my mother. She will undergo cataract surgery. Is this result will complicate for her operation????

Help me Please..... !!!!!


I'm afraid that these results mean that x-ray has shown that there is some strange tissue in one of your mother lungs and the doctors recommended that that tissue is further evaluated to see what exactly is causing it. I think that x-ray was done in order to see how will your mother handle anesthesia during cataract surgery so what you need to do now is to consult with the doctor who ordered the tests and follow up his advice. The results of first x-ray are inconclusive so the next one is ordered, but you really need specialist's opinion on how and if will this affect surgery.