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Suspicious densities noted in the right apex.

the cardiac sillhouette is not enlarged transversely.

The costophrenic sulci are intact.

the rest of the soft tissue and osseous structure are unremarkable.


 * suggest apicolordotic view for further evaluation of the right apex.

What does it mean please? I want a further explaination to understand it well. Thank you!!!


Hi Abreana,

They want to take another x-ray from a different angle to help resolve what they MAY seeing in the top of your right lung.  It is very common to need another x-ray, from a different angle, due to shadows or artifacts.

The heart (cardiac silhouette) looks normal.  The recess between the ribs and diaphragm, where the lower (caudal) part of the lung is looks normal (unremarkable).

The tissues and bones look normal.

Hope it helps.