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my period was due on the 4th of march and i still havnt come on!! ive done 6 HPT's 4 were cheap ones and i did the first one and came up negagtive this was about 3pm, did the other one next morning and the positive line appeard very faintly then vanished!!! so got another cheap one and the positive line appeard again and this time its stayed put!! hower i bought a first responce pregnancy test and both came up negative doing the both in the morning with my first wee of the day!! i have all the symptoms i feel sick i cant stand the smell of garlic and i love garlic!! my boobs hurt whenevr i touch them and my stomach is quite hard and thers something going on inside there!! please help :)


there are possibilities but i suggest go see a doctor


i'm 21years old, i have been diagnosed as a person with anxiety disorder and panic attacks, have been taking medicine to keep me calm, my period have always been EXTREMELY painful, in ways that i can't get out of my bed for the whole day without taking pain relievers..

i have wanted a baby since i was 18, and can't stop thinking about having one, but i always avoid my boyfriend from cumming inside, because he wants us to be stable first, and i respect that..

my boyfriend and i have sex everytime we see each other, we don't use condom, but he withdraws..

the last 3months my period changed..
january: no pains mostly brown discharge
february: 1st day pain reddish for 1day then brownish for 3
-high fever the day before
-cramps all over my body the day before
-4days too early
-lil bit painful 1st day
-reddish for 2days brownish for 3days

what i have been feeling for the last 3months:
-fast and hard pounding of the heart
-losing alot of weight fast
-eating still plenty
-sensitive to food and smells
-threw up 3x in feb. (normally i dont throw up at all)
-regular cramping in my stomach
-lowerback pains

any advice?


also my stomach is the only part not losing weight.. if you look at my stomach and my hips from the side.. it shows a roundness.. where the bones of the hips shows and above the the round tummy.. it is not so big and not obvious because i have always been a bigger girl.. but now that i lost alot of weight there is alot of difference between my boney hips and my round tummy.. hope someone can relate or give advice.. it has been bothering me for quite some time.. and im afraid it could be something other then being pregnant.. and im hoping its not a sickness..