Can anyone help me please. I last saw my period the week of the 19/01/13 and missed febuary and March, took 3 home pregnancy tests all negative went to the doctors and they did 1 there and that was negative, the doctor told me that If that was negative It won't be wrong and that I'm not pregnant, but my mum never showed a positive test until she was 3months + and my bf's mum was pregnant 2 years ago and got negative test threw out her pregnancy so I know the doctor is lieing, I've been trying to get pregnant for a while I'm not stressed I am over weight, did have problems with my periods 10years ago but the implant sorted that out. Im having symptoms of pregnancy, my breast are really tender and there usually fine, im bloated, been feeling nauseas and had heartburn, im tired all the time, constipated, and Im going for a wee alot More often, Bit embarrassing but I've also had alot of gas. Don't know what to do, my doctors are no help, can anyone help me or has anyone experienced this before.