Recent research developed new blood test that can accurately detect ovarian cancer in it’s early stages. This blood test is using four proteins and experts hope this new finding can become standard procedure for women during ordinary examinations. During the research, experts examined 500 patients, 150 of them were ovarian cancer patients and 350 were healthy individuals.

Researchers overviewed previous researches and used a new platform called multiplex technology to simplify the test into one reaction using small amounts of serum from the blood. This new platform uses six protein biomarkers and this increases specificity of the test from 95% to 99.4% . Researchers looked for the presence of specific proteins and than quantified the concentration of those proteins in the blood.

Other scientists agreed that this is the most sensitive and most accurate test that’s available. Some of the tests used in the past were able to recognize 20% of new tumors so this test represents significant breakthrough in ovarian cancer detection. The most important thing about this new test is that it detects cancer in early stages when treatment is most effective.