Next Choice works? Does it give u symptoms until u get ur period? I took Next Choice 11 hours after unprotected sex on 10/20. I had ended my period on 10/9 prior to unprotected sex. Hopefully I wasn't fertile. My boyfriend ejaculated twice in me, unfortunately, becuz he didn't pull out at all. I was stupid not to use birth control. I hated the symptoms I was the getting from Nuva Ring. It's been 28 days since I ended my period.Today is already 11/2 & I've had severe PMS symptoms for the past 2 weeks: Bloating cramping nauesa even cravings & sensitive smell. My breasts never got sore at all though & still aren't Could I not be pregnant & just be having a late period? Please somebody help me out with legit info..This is my first time taking Next Choice morning after pill. I hope I'm not pregnant! :(