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I feel silly, but my Nuva ring was being so bothersome that I took it out before sex on Sunday night.. I meant to put it back in before the 3hrs was up, but I forgot..

It's Wednesday.. I've had unprotected sex today too. In fact, this is my 3rd day of unprotected sex..

I've only been using the ring since the begining of August, and I know it's concidered 'mild' compared to many pills, thus you can only have it out 3hrs before it has to be inserted again..

(I took the ring out on Sept. 28th and put it back 7 days later after having my period. Thus the new ring only stayed in 3 days before I did the oh so very very clever thing this Sunday..)

How large a chance in % is it that I've gone and made myself pregnant? Is there a chance I might not be fertile this week since I just had my period? (before the ring I used to bleed for 7-10 days, after the ring only 3-4 days)

I dunno.. Anyone done the same stupid thing? Just being able to talk about it somehow helps I guess..



Pregnancy is not instant, you would not be pregnant yet, but you are at risk! FIRST you would need to ovulate, then fertilization, then IMPLANTATION.. This whole process takes almost 2 weeks, so obviously it is not instant.

Get the morning after pill, it is taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Talk to the doc about what they reccomend you do, but many suggest waiting until your period and starting a new ring.