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Me and my boyfriend had sex on tuesday the 9th and the condom broke but he still pulled out 3 seconds before he came and he tells me he did not *** in me but I'm still scared of pre *** so an hour later I took next choice one dose morning after pill. Then on Friday night the 12th we had unprotected sex but he pulled out and then jacked off for 2 seconds then came before he came in me. I was still scared so I took the morning after pill in the morning around 1 which would be around 10-11 hours after we had unprotected sex. I'm supposed to get my period this Thursday the 18th, am I going to be okay? Is my period going to be really thrown off since I took next choice one dose twice within 5 days ?


Hi Izzie,

Your period may be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.  These are common side effects of emergency contraceptives.  

FYI, you really shouldn't be using them every time you have sex either.  They are a very large dose of hormone and intended for "emergencies."  If you plan to be sexually active find another type of birth control.  Condoms or daily birth control pills are very effective.