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I had unprotected sex during my fertile days. I was due to ovulate the day after. They next day just in case, i got the ella pill and took it. A week later i had a routine pelvic exam. My period never came. No bleeding after taking the pill or anything. Its about 8 days late. Im worried. I assumed if i was pregnant the ob/gyn would have noticed during the exam. Has anyone else taken ella and period was later than 7 days? It has yet to show. Im really worried because i just had a baby 10 months ago n am not ready to do it all again. I am supposed to start nuva ring as soon as my period starts n im afraid it is too late. My guy always pulls out n i usually use spermicide but this time i didnt so the pill was out of precaution since i was fertile that week.


They wont see any signs by then its way too early. You need to get a test and take it 1st thing in the morning.

Good luck.