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Hi Im 19 and im having frustrating times on whether I may be pregnant or not. Me and my boyfriend had sex on 3/21 and a week after on 3/28 which was a day right before my birth control shot renewal was due (3/29) (Ive been on for 9months now) Im very irregular I bleed on and off and had some bleeding (my period I assume) that even ended around that time. However 2 days later after the shot I got this faint pink discharge on the tissue when I wiped. The next day it was light stringish brown and the same for the next few days on and off all the way up to now except its more of a creamy light brown discharge.In addition I have had a small amount of fresh blood on one of these past days with a small clot which made me think like okay my period is beginning, but after the small amount of fresh blood I did not bleed and it went right back to brown. anyway in those next few days I began to experience weird symptoms such as fatigue, cranky/ irritability, emotional, small abdominal cramping , bloating/gaseous, a little bit of diarrhea, sensitivity to smells, headaches/fevers when I wake up in the morning along with nausea which would leave at 3pm everyday and afterwards I'll pretty much eat up everything in the kitchen.I searched for other causes of the symptoms other than pregnancy and Im thinking maybe I could be experiencing PMS The only contradiction with this is that I've never experienced PMS and if I am how could i be on my way to start my period when I just got off like 1-2 weeks ago! Its all confusing I just took a HPT this morning and it came out negative.

Is it possible that the birth control could be just messing with my body? Or Is it possible that my birth control could have been worn off when I had unprotected sex? Or Is it possible that it couldve failed and I could actually be pregnant? Is it possible that If I am pregnant I could be implanting right now and took the test too early? What could it be? somebody PLEASE HELP!


Talk to your mom.